Circulatory System

Trace the path of blood through a beating heart and the network of blood vessels that supplies blood to the body. Take blood samples from different blood vessels to observe blood cells and measure the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, sugar, and urea.

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  • Identify the four chambers of the heart.
  • Trace the path of blood through the heart and lungs.
  • Explain where oxygen enters the bloodstream.
  • Describe how blood is carried through the body.
  • Compare the functions of arteries, capillaries, and veins.
  • Identify the components of blood. (Extension)
  • Explain where various substances (carbon dioxide, urea, glucose) are added or removed from the bloodstream. (Extension)
  • artery, atrium, blood vessel, capillary, circulatory system, heart, platelet, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, red blood cell, urea, ventricle, vein, white blood cell