Energy Conversions

Where does energy come from? How does energy get from one place to another? Find out how electrical current is generated and how living things get energy to move and grow. Trace the path of energy and see how energy is converted from one form to another.

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  • Create energy pathways to show where our energy comes from.  
  • Describe the different forms of energy.
  • Identify ways that energy is converted from one form to another.
  • Determine that sunlight is the primary source of most of the usable energy on Earth.
    • Solar cells convert sunlight to electricity.
    • Sunlight causes wind and rain, powering wind turbines and hydroelectricity.
    • Sunlight provides energy for plant growth.
    • Plants or plant remains can be burned or eaten to provide energy.
  • Describe four types of renewable resources. (Extension)
  • chemical energy, electrical current, energy, fossil fuel, global warming, gravitational potential energy, hydroelectricity, kinetic energy, light, nonrenewable resource, nuclear energy, renewable resource, sound, thermal energy