Graphing Skills

Create a graph (bar graph, line graph, pie chart, or scatter plot) based on a given data set. Title the graph, label the axes, and choose a scale. Adjust the graph to fit the data, and then check your accuracy. The Gizmo can also be used to create a data table based on a given graph.

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  • Identify bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts and scatter plots.
  • Explain how each type of graph is used.
  • Learn to title and label graphs properly.
  • Choose the optimal scale for graph axes.
  • Plot bars, points, or regions accurately on a graph.
  • Interpret what is shown on a graph.
  • Create a data table that corresponds to a graph. (Extension)
  • Recognize positive and negative relationships from scatter plots. (Extension)
  • bar graph, line graph, negative relationship, pie chart, positive relationship, scale, scatter plot, variable