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Chapter 1: The Nature of Science

Many Gizmos Can Be Used for this Section

Unit 1: Life Science

Chapter 3: Cells

Cell Division

Cell Energy Cycle

Cell Structure

Chapter 4: Heredity and Reproduction

Mouse Breeding

Chicken Genetics

Mouse Genetics (Fur Color)

Pollination: Flower to Fruit

Chapter 5: Diversity and Adaptations

Rainfall and Bird Beaks

Natural Selection

Chapter 6: Ecology

Rabbit Population by Season

Food Chain

Chapter 7: Resources

Water Pollution

Unit 2: Physical Science

Chapter 8: What is Matter?

Intro to Plasma

Element Builder

Chapter 9: Properties and Changes

Density Laboratory

pH Analysis

pH Analysis: Quad Color Indicator

Solubility and Temperature

Chapter 10: Forces and Motion

Distance-Time and Speed-Time Graphs

Fan Cart Physics

Golf Range!

Shoot the Monkey

Orbit Simulator

2D Collisions - Activity A

Air Track

Chapter 11: Work and Machines

See-Saw Torque

Chapter 12: Energy

Energy of a Pendulum

Roller Coaster Physics

Energy Conversion in a System

Household Energy Usage

Potential Energy on Shelves

Chapter 13: Electricity and Magnetism

Intro to E & M


Household Energy Usage

Unit 3: Earth Science

Chapter 14: The Solar System and Beyond

Moonrise/Moonset and Phases

Solar System Explorer

Orbit Simulator

H-R Diagram

Herschel Experiment

Chapter 15: Earth Materials

Rock Cycle

Rock Classification


Chapter 16: Earth's Structure

Ocean Mapping

Heat Transfer by Conduction

Plate Tectonics

Earthquake - Recording Station

Earthquake - Determination of Epicenter

Chapter 17: Water


Ocean Mapping

Water Cycle

Chapter 18: Earth's Atmosphere

Greenhouse Effect

Coastal Winds and Clouds

Weather Maps

Relative Humidity

Hurricane Motion

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