Algebra and Trigonometry

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1. Fundamental Concepts of Algebra

1.1. Real Numbers

Real Number Line - Activity B

Comparing and Ordering Integers

1.2. Exponents and Radicals

Square Roots

1.3. Algebraic Expressions

Factoring Special Products

2. Equations and Inequalities

2.1. Equations

Solving Formulas for any Variable

2.2. Applied Problems

Using Algebraic Equations

2.3. Quadratic Equations

Roots of a Quadratic

Quadratics in Factored Form

2.6. Inequalities

Compound Inequalities

2.7. More on Inequalities

Quadratic Inequalities - Activity A

3. Functions and Graphs

3.1. Rectangular Coordinate Systems

Points in the Coordinate Plane - Activity B

3.2. Graphs of Equations

Polynomials and Linear Factors

Cubic Function Activity

Fourth-Degree Polynomials - Activity A

3.3. Lines

Slope-Intercept Form of a Line - Activity B

Point-Slope Form of a Line - Activity A

3.4. Definition of Functions

Introduction to Functions

3.5. Graphs of Functions

Using Tables, Rules and Graphs

3.6. Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Functions

3.8. Inverse Functions

Logarithmic Functions - Activity B

3.9. Variation

Direct and Inverse Variation

4. Polynomial and Rational Functions

4.1. Polynomial functions of Degree Greater Than 2

Cubic Function Activity

Fourth-Degree Polynomials - Activity A

4.3. Zeros of Polynomials

Dividing Polynomials Using Synthetic Division

Polynomials and Linear Factors

4.5. Rational Functions

Rational Functions

General Form of a Rational Function

5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

5.1. Exponential Functions

Exponential Functions - Activity A

5.2. The Natural Exponential Function

Exponential Functions - Activity C

5.3. Logarithmic Functions

Logarithmic Functions - Activity A

6. The Trigonometric Functions

6.2. Trigonometric Functions of Angles

Tangent Ratio

Sine and Cosine Ratios - Activity A

6.3. Trigonometric Functions of Real Numbers

Unit Circle

Sine Function

Cosine Function

Tangent Function

6.5. Trigonometric Graphs

Translating and Scaling Sine and Cosine Functions - Activity A

6.6. Additional Trigonometric Graphs

Tangent Function

7. Analytic Trigonometry

7.1. Verifying Trigonometric Identities

Simplifying and Verifying Trigonometric Functions

7.3. The Addition and Subtraction Formulas

Sum and Difference Identities for Sine and Cosine

8. Applications of Trigonometry

8.3. Vectors


Vector Addition

8.4. The Dot Product


9. Systems of Equations and Inequalities

9.2. Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Systems of Linear Equations - Activity A

Solving Linear Systems by Graphing

9.3. Systems of Inequalities

Systems of Linear Inequalities (Slope-intercept form) - Activity A

Systems of Linear Inequalities (Standard form)

9.4. Linear Programming

Linear Programming - Activity A

9.6. The Algebra of Matrices


9.8. Determinants

Systems of Linear Equations - Activity B

10. Sequences, Series, and Probability

10.2. Arithmetic Sequences

Arithmetic Sequences

10.3. Geometric Sequences

Geometric Sequences

10.6. Permutations


10.7. Distinguishable Permutations and Combinations

Permutations and Combinations

10.8. Probability

Probability Simulations

Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Compound Independent and Dependent Events

11. Topics from Analytic Geometry

11.1. Parabolas

Parabolas - Activity A

Parabolas - Activity B

11.2. Ellipses

Ellipse - Activity A

11.3. Hyperbolas

Hyperbola - Activity A

11.5. Polar Coordinates

Points in Polar Coordinates

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