International AS and A Level Chemistry

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1: Moles and equations

Boyle's Law and Charles' Law
Chemical Equations

2: Atomic structure

Bohr Model: Introduction
Element Builder
Nuclear Decay

3: Electrons in atoms

Electron Configuration

4: Chemical bonding

Covalent Bonds
Ionic Bonds

5: States of matter

Phases of Water

8: Equilibrium

Equilibrium and Concentration
Equilibrium and Pressure

9: Rates of reaction

Collision Theory

10: Periodicity

Electron Configuration

17: Alcohols, esters and carboxylic Acids

Dehydration Synthesis

21: Further aspects of equilibria

Mystery Powder Analysis
pH Analysis
pH Analysis: Quad Color Indicator

22: Reaction kinetics

Collision Theory

28: Polymerisation

Dehydration Synthesis

Content correlation last revised: 3/9/2016