National Geographic Science (Grade 4)

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1: How Do Plants Grow and Reproduce?

Flower Pollination
Growing Plants
Measuring Trees
Plants and Snails

2: How Do Animals Grow and Change?

Effect of Temperature on Gender

3: How Do Living Things Depend on Their Environment?

Food Chain
Forest Ecosystem
Pond Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem
Rabbit Population by Season

4: How Do Living Things Interact with Their Environment?

Effect of Temperature on Gender
Greenhouse Effect
Plants and Snails
Pond Ecosystem

5: How Do Earth and Its Moon Move?

Ocean Tides
Phases of the Moon
Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
Summer and Winter

6: How Are Rocks Alike and Different?

Mineral Identification
Rock Classification
Rock Cycle

7: What Are Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources?

Energy Conversions
Greenhouse Effect
Household Energy Usage
Water Pollution

8: How Do Slow Processes Change Earth's Surface?

Rock Cycle
Water Cycle

9: How Can You Describe and Measure Properties of Matter?

Measuring Volume
Mineral Identification
Triple Beam Balance
Weight and Mass

10: What Are Some Ways Matter Can Change?

Phase Changes
Phases of Water

11: How Can You Describe the Motion and Speed of an Object?

Distance-Time Graphs
Force and Fan Carts
Measuring Motion

12: What Is Magnetism?


13: What Are Some Forms of Energy?

Circuit Builder
Energy Conversions
Heat Absorption
Sled Wars
Summer and Winter

14: What Is Sound?

Hearing: Frequency and Volume
Longitudinal Waves

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