Go Math!

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1: Place Value, Multiplication, and Expressions

1.2: Place Value of Whole Numbers

Cannonball Clowns (Number Line Estimation)

2: Dividing Whole Numbers

2.2: Divide by 1-Digit Divisors

No Alien Left Behind (Division with Remainders)

2.7: Interpret the Remainder

No Alien Left Behind (Division with Remainders)

3: Add and Subtract Decimals

3.2: Place Value of Decimals

Modeling Decimals (Area and Grid Models)
Modeling Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

3.3: Compare and Order Decimals

Comparing and Ordering Decimals

3.5: Investigate - Decimal Addition

Adding Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

3.6: Investigate - Decimal Subtraction

Adding Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

3.8: Add Decimals

Adding Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

3.9: Subtract Decimals

Subtracting Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

4: Multiply Decimals

4.7: Multiply Decimals

Multiplying Decimals (Area Model)

6: Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators

6.1: Investigate - Addition with Unlike Denominators

Fractions with Unlike Denominators

6.2: Investigate - Subtraction with Unlike Denominators

Fractions with Unlike Denominators

6.3: Estimate Fraction Sums and Differences

Estimating Sums and Differences

6.4: Common Denominators and Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions (Fraction Tiles)

7: Multiply Fractions

7.4: Investigate - Multiply Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

7.6: Fraction Multiplication

Multiplying Fractions

7.7: Investigate - Area and Mixed Numbers

Fido's Flower Bed (Perimeter and Area)

7.9: Multiply Mixed Numbers

Multiplying Mixed Numbers

8: Divide Fractions

8.3: Connect Fractions to Division

Function Machines 3 (Functions and Problem Solving)

9: Algebra: Patterns and Graphing

9.1: Line Plots

Line Plots

9.2: Ordered Pairs

City Tour (Coordinates)

9.4: Line Graphs

Elevator Operator (Line Graphs)
Prairie Ecosystem

9.5: Numerical Patterns

Pattern Flip (Patterns)

10: Convert Unites of Measure

10.7: Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time

11: Geometry and Volume

11.2: Triangles

Classifying Triangles

11.3: Quadrilaterals

Classifying Quadrilaterals - Activity A

11.7: Investigate - Understand Volume

Balancing Blocks (Volume)

11.9: Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Balancing Blocks (Volume)

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