Integrated Science (Owl) iScience

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0: Scientific Problem Solving

Growing Plants
Measuring Motion
Measuring Trees
Measuring Volume
Sight vs. Sound Reactions
Triple Beam Balance
Unit Conversions
Unit Conversions 2 - Scientific Notation and Significant Digits

1: Describing Motion

Distance-Time Graphs
Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs
Fan Cart Physics
Force and Fan Carts
Free Fall Tower
Measuring Motion

2: The Laws of Motion

Fan Cart Physics
Force and Fan Carts

3: Energy, Work, and Simple Machines

Ants on a Slant (Inclined Plane)
Energy Conversion in a System
Energy Conversions
Energy of a Pendulum
Inclined Plane - Simple Machine
Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects
Potential Energy on Shelves
Pulley Lab
Roller Coaster Physics
Wheel and Axle

4: Sound and Light

Basic Prism
Laser Reflection
Longitudinal Waves
Ray Tracing (Lenses)
Ray Tracing (Mirrors)
Ripple Tank
Sound Beats and Sine Waves

5: Thermal Energy

Calorimetry Lab
Conduction and Convection
Heat Absorption
Heat Transfer by Conduction
Temperature and Particle Motion

6: States of Matter

Boyle's Law and Charles' Law
Freezing Point of Salt Water
Phase Changes
Phases of Water
Temperature and Particle Motion

7: Undestanding the Atom

Electron Configuration
Element Builder

8: Elements and Chemical Bonds

Covalent Bonds
Electron Configuration
Element Builder
Ionic Bonds

9: Chemical Reactions and Equations

Balancing Chemical Equations
Chemical Equations
Collision Theory

10: Mixtures, Solubility, and Acid/Base Solutions

Colligative Properties
Freezing Point of Salt Water
Solubility and Temperature
pH Analysis
pH Analysis: Quad Color Indicator

11: The Solar System

Comparing Earth and Venus
Orbital Motion - Kepler's Laws
Solar System
Solar System Explorer
Weight and Mass

12: Stars and Galaxies

H-R Diagram
Herschel Experiment
Star Spectra

13: Minerals and Rocks

Mineral Identification
Rock Classification
Rock Cycle

14: Plate Tectonics

Building Pangaea
Plate Tectonics

15: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Earthquake - Determination of Epicenter
Earthquake - Recording Station

16: Clues to Earth's Past


17: Geologic Time

Human Evolution - Skull Analysis

18: Interactions Within Ecosystems

Food Chain
Forest Ecosystem
Greenhouse Effect
Prairie Ecosystem

19: Biomes and Ecosystems

Forest Ecosystem
Pond Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem

20: Environmental Impacts

Greenhouse Effect
Household Energy Usage
Water Cycle
Water Pollution

21: Interactions of Human Body Systems


22: Heredity and How Traits Change

Building DNA
Chicken Genetics
DNA Fingerprint Analysis
Evolution: Mutation and Selection
Evolution: Natural and Artificial Selection
Human Karyotyping
Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
Mouse Genetics (Two Traits)
Natural Selection
RNA and Protein Synthesis
Rainfall and Bird Beaks

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