Integrated Science (Frog) iScience

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0: Methods of Science

Growing Plants
Measuring Motion
Measuring Trees
Measuring Volume
Sight vs. Sound Reactions
Triple Beam Balance
Unit Conversions
Unit Conversions 2 - Scientific Notation and Significant Digits

1: Mapping Earth

Building Topographic Maps
Ocean Mapping
Reading Topographic Maps

2: Earth in Space

H-R Diagram
Herschel Experiment
Ocean Tides
Phases of the Moon
Seasons Around the World
Seasons in 3D
Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
Seasons: Why do we have them?
Solar System
Star Spectra
Summer and Winter

3: Our Planet--Earth

Coastal Winds and Clouds
Greenhouse Effect
Water Cycle

4: Earth's Dynamic Surface

Building Pangaea
Earthquake - Determination of Epicenter
Earthquake - Recording Station
Plate Tectonics
Rock Cycle

5: Natural Resources

Energy Conversions
Household Energy Usage

6: Life's Classification and Structure

Cell Energy Cycle
Cell Structure
Dichotomous Keys

7: Inheritance and Adaptations

Chicken Genetics
Evolution: Mutation and Selection
Evolution: Natural and Artificial Selection
Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
Mouse Genetics (Two Traits)
Natural Selection
Rainfall and Bird Beaks

8: Introduction to Plants

Flower Pollination
Growing Plants
Measuring Trees
Seed Germination

9: Introduction to Animals

Dichotomous Keys

10: Interactions of Life

Food Chain
Forest Ecosystem
Pond Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem

11: Matter and Atoms

Element Builder
Solubility and Temperature

12: Matter: Properties and Changes

Density Experiment: Slice and Dice
Density via Comparison
Determining Density via Water Displacement
Mineral Identification

13: Energy and Energy Transformations

Energy Conversions
Energy of a Pendulum
Potential Energy on Shelves

14: Waves, Light, and Sound

Laser Reflection
Longitudinal Waves
Ripple Tank
Sound Beats and Sine Waves

15: Electricity and Magnetism

Charge Launcher
Circuit Builder
Pith Ball Lab

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