ON Science 9

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1: Nutrient Cycles and Energy Flow

Cell Energy Cycle
Digestive System
Food Chain

2: Populations and Sustainable Ecosystems

Food Chain
Forest Ecosystem
Pond Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem
Rabbit Population by Season

3: Biodiversity

Food Chain
Pond Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem

4: Properties of Elements and Compounds

Density Laboratory
Measuring Volume
Mineral Identification
Triple Beam Balance
Weight and Mass
pH Analysis

5: Understanding the Properties of Elements

Bohr Model of Hydrogen
Bohr Model: Introduction
Electron Configuration
Element Builder

6: Understanding the Properties of Compounds

Covalent Bonds
Dehydration Synthesis
Ionic Bonds

7: The Night Sky

Comparing Earth and Venus
Ocean Tides
Orbital Motion - Kepler's Laws
Phases of the Moon
Seasons in 3D
Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
Solar System Explorer
Weight and Mass

8: Exploring our Stellar Neighborhood

H-R Diagram
Herschel Experiment
Solar System Explorer
Star Spectra

9: The Mysterious Universe

Star Spectra

10: Static Charges and Energy

Charge Launcher
Coulomb Force (Static)
Pith Ball Lab

11: Electric Circuits

Circuit Builder

12: Generating and Using Electricity

Electromagnetic Induction
Magnetic Induction

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