Science Fusion: Earth's Water and Atmosphere

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1: Earth's Water

1.1: Water and Its Properties

Phase Changes
Solubility and Temperature

1.2: The Water Cycle

Water Cycle

1.3: Surface Water and Groundwater


2: Oceanography

2.1: Earth's Oceans and the Ocean Floor

Ocean Mapping

3: Earth's Atmosphere

3.2: Energy Transfer

Conduction and Convection
Heat Absorption
Heat Transfer by Conduction

3.3: Wind in the Atmosphere

Coastal Winds and Clouds

4: Weather and Climate

4.1: Elements of Weather

Relative Humidity

4.2: Clouds and Cloud Formation

Coastal Winds and Clouds
Weather Maps

4.3: What Influences Weather

Water Cycle

4.4: Severe Weather and Weather Safety

Hurricane Motion

4.5: Weather Maps and Weather Prediction

Weather Maps

4.6: Climate

Seasons Around the World
Seasons in 3D

4.7: Climate Change

Greenhouse Effect

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