Holt Science & Technology: Life Science

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3: Cells: The basic Units of Life

Cell Structure

4: The Cell in Action

Cell Division
Cell Energy Cycle

6: Genes and DNA

Chicken Genetics
Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
Mouse Genetics (Two Traits)

7: The Evolution of Living Things

Natural Selection
Rainfall and Bird Beaks

8: The History of Life on Earth

Human Evolution - Skull Analysis

13: Plant Processes

Pollination: Flower to Fruit
Seed Germination

18: Interactions of Living Things

Food Chain
Interdependence of Plants and Animals

19: Cycles in Nature

Cell Energy Cycle
Rock Cycle
Water Cycle

20: The Earth's Ecosystems

Food Chain

21: Environmental Problems and Solutions

Water Cycle

23: Circulation and Respiration

Circulatory System

27: Body Defenses and Disease

Disease Spread
Virus Life Cycle (Lytic)

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