Chemistry in the Community

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Unit 1 -- Water: Exploring Solutions

Section A -- Sources and Uses of Water

Water Pollution

Section B -- Looking at Water and its Contaminants

Density Laboratory
Ionic Bonds
Phase Changes

Section C: --Investigating the Cause of the Fish Kill

Solubility and Temperature

Unit 2 -- Materials: Structure and Uses

Section C -- Conserving Matter

Balancing Chemical Equations
Chemical Equation Balancing

Unit 3 -- Petroleum: Breaking and Making Bonds

Section A -- Petroleum: What is it?

Covalent Bonds

Section C -- Petroleum: A Building-Material Source

Dehydration Synthesis

Unit 4 -- Air: Chemistry and the Atmosphere

Section A -- Gases in the Atmosphere

Boyle's Law and Charles' Law
Temperature and Particle Motion

Section B -- Radiation and Climate

Greenhouse Effect

Section C -- Acids in the Atmosphere

Cell Energy Cycle

Section D -- Air Pollution: Sources, Effects, and Solutions

pH Analysis
pH Analysis: Quad Color Indicator

Unit 6 -- Atoms: Nuclear Interactions

Section A -- The Nature of Atoms

Bohr Model of Hydrogen

Section B -- Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear Decay

Section C -- Using Radioactivity


Unit 7 -- Food: Matter and Energy for Life

Seciton B -- Energy Storage and Use

Limiting Reactants

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