FOSS Science

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3-4: FOSS Grades 3 and 4

3-4.1: 1. Human Body

Circulatory System

3-4.2: 2. Structures of Life

Flower Pollination
Growing Plants

3-4.3: 3. Magnetism and Electricity

Charge Launcher
Circuit Builder

3-4.5: 5. Earth Materials

Mineral Identification

3-4.6: 6. Water

Conduction and Convection
Phases of Water
Pond Ecosystem

3-4.7: 7.Ideas and Inventions

Mineral Identification

3-4.8: 8. Measurement

Measuring Motion
Measuring Trees
Weight and Mass

5-6: FOSS Grades 5 and 6

5-6.1: 1. Environment

Plants and Snails
Pond Ecosystem

5-6.2: 2. Food and nutrition

Identifying Nutrients
Interdependence of Plants and Animals
Mystery Powder Analysis

5-6.3: 3. Levers and Pulleys

Ants on a Slant (Inclined Plane)
Wheel and Axle

5-6.4: 4. Mixtures and Solutions

Phases of Water
Pond Ecosystem
Solubility and Temperature

5-6.5: 5. Landforms

Building Topographical Maps
Ocean Mapping
Reading Topographical Maps

5-6.6: 6. Solar Energy

Heat Absorption

5-6.7: 7. Models and Designs

Building Pangaea
Circuit Builder
Force and Fan Carts
Pendulum Clock

5-6.8: 8. Variables

Forest Ecosystem
Growing Plants
Pattern Finder
Pendulum Clock
Prairie Ecosystem

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