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1: Earth's Dynamic Geosphere

1.1: Volcanoes and Your Community

Plate Tectonics
Rock Cycle

1.2: Plate Tectonics and Your Community

Plate Tectonics

1.3: Earthquakes and Your Community

Earthquake - Determination of Epicenter
Earthquake - Recording Station

2: Understanding your Environment

2.1: Bedrock Geology?and Your Community

Rock Classification
Rock Cycle

2.2: River Systems?and Your Community


3: Earth's Fluid Spheres

3.1: Oceans?and Your Community

Coastal Winds and Clouds
Ocean Mapping

4: Earth's Natural Resources

4.1: Energy Resources and Your Community

Household Energy Usage

4.3: Water Resources and Your Community

Water Cycle
Water Pollution

5: Earth System Evolution

5.1: Astronomy?and Your Community

Moonrise, Moonset, and Phases
Solar System Explorer

5.2: Climate Change?and Your Community

Greenhouse Effect

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