Elevate Science Grade 5

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1: Solar System

1.2: Inner Solar System

Comparing Earth and Venus
Solar System

1.3: Outer Solar System

Solar System

2: Earth's Water

2.1: Water Cycle

Water Cycle

3: Weather and Climate

3.1: Weather

Observing Weather (Metric)

3.3: Land Affects Weather

Coastal Winds and Clouds

3.4: Climate

Comparing Climates (Metric)

4: Properties of Matter

4.3: States of Matter

Phases of Water

4.5: Chemical Changes

Chemical Changes

5: Forms of Energy

5.1: Different Forms of Energy

Energy Conversions

5.3: Electrical Circuits

Circuit Builder

6: Forces and Changes in Motion

6.1: Forces and Motion

Force and Fan Carts

6.3: Combined Forces

Free Fall Tower

7: Human Body Systems

7.1: Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Circulatory System

7.3: Nervous System

Reaction Time 1 (Graphs and Statistics)

7.4: Digestive, Reproductive, and other Systems

Digestive System

8: Diversity and Interdependence

8.2: External Structures and Functions Plants

Flower Pollination

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