Elevate Science Grade 4

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1: Earth's Patterns and Space

1.1: Earth's Movement

Comparing Earth and Venus
Solar System

1.3: Moon Phases

Phases of the Moon

2: Earth's Features

2.3: Rocks, Minerals, and Soil

Rock Classification
Rock Cycle

2.4: Weathering and Erosion

River Erosion

2.5: Natural Resources

Energy Conversions

3: Matter

3.2: States of Matter

Phases of Water

3.4: Changes in Matter

Chemical Changes

4: Energy and Motion

4.1: Energy, Speed, and Moving Objects

Sled Wars

4.2: Energy Transfer

Energy Conversions

4.3: Electric Circuits

Circuit Builder

5: Human Uses of Energy

5.1: Natural Resources and Energy

Household Energy Usage

5.2: Nonrenewable Energy Sources

Energy Conversions

5.3: Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Conversions

6: Plants and Animals

6.1: Life Cycles of Florida Plants

Flower Pollination

6.3: Plants and Animals Characteristics


7: Living Thing and Their Environments

7.2: Energy from Plants and Animals

Forest Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem

7.3: Food Chains and Food Webs

Prairie Ecosystem

Content correlation last revised: 1/24/2019