Life Science

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Unit 1: Life's Structure and Function

Chapter 2: Cells

Cell Structure

Chapter 3: Cell Processes

Cell Energy Cycle

Chapter 4: Cell Reproduction

Cell Division

Chapter 5: Heredity

Mouse Genetics (Fur Color)

Mouse Breeding

Chicken Genetics

Chapter 6: Adaptation Over Time

Rainfall and Bird Beaks

Natural Selection

Unit 2: From Bacteria to Plants

Chapter 10: Plant Reproduction

Seed Germination

Pollination: Flower to Fruit

Chapter 11: Plant Processes

Photosynthesis - Activity A

Cell Energy Cycle

Unit 4: Human Body Systems

Chapter 18: Nutrients and Digestion

Identifying Nutrients

Chapter 21: Control and Coordination

Sight vs. Sound Reflexes

Reverse the Field

Chapter 23: Immunity and Disease

Disease Spread

Human Karyotyping

Unit 5: Biology

Chapter 24. Interactions of Life

Food Chain

Chapter 25: The Nonliving Environment


Chapter 26: Ecosystems

Food Chain

Chapter 27: Conserving Resources

Water Pollution

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