Life Science

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Unit 1: Cells and Heredity

Chapter 1: Cells: The Building Blocks of Life

Cell Structure

Chapter 2: Cell Processes and Energy

Cell Division

Cell Energy Cycle

Photosynthesis - Activity A

Chapter 3: Genetics: The Science of Heredity

Building DNA

Mouse Genetics (Fur Color)

Mouse Breeding

Chicken Genetics

Chapter 4: Modern Genetics

Human Karyotyping

DNA Fingerprint Analysis

Chapter 5: Changes Over Time

Rainfall and Bird Beaks

Natural Selection

Unit 2: From Bacteria to Plants

Chapter 6: Bacteria and Viruses

Disease Spread

Virus Life Cycle (Lytic)

Chapter 8: Introduction to Plants

Photosynthesis - Activity A

Cell Energy Cycle

Chapter 9: Seed Plants

Seed Germination

Pollination: Flower to Fruit

Unit 3: Animals

Chapter 13: Birds and Mammals

Rabbit Population by Season

Chapter 19: Fighting Disease

Disease Spread

Unit 5: Ecology

Chapter 22: Populations and Communities

Rabbit Population by Season

Food Chain

Chapter 23: Ecosystems and Biomes

Food Chain

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