UCSMP: Transitions

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1. Decimal Notation

1.2. Decimals for Numbers Between Whole Numbers

Comparing and Ordering Decimals

1.8. Negative Numbers

Real Number Line - Activity B

1.9. Comparing Numbers

Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers

Comparing and Ordering Decimals

Comparing and Ordering Fractions

Comparing and Ordering Integers

1.10. Equal Fractions

Comparing and Ordering Fractions

2. Large and Small Numbers

2.5. Percent of a Quantity

Percents and Proportions

Percent of Change

2.6. From Decimals to Fractions and Percents

Percents, Fractions and Decimals

3. Measurement

3.7. Kinds of Angles

Classifying Triangles

3.8. Measuring Area

Rectangle: Perimeter, Circumference and Area

4. Uses of Variables

4.1. Order of Operations

Order of Operations

4.3. Translating Words to Algebraic Expressions

Using Algebraic Expressions

4.7. Formulas

Rectangle: Perimeter, Circumference and Area

4.8. Probability

Probability Simulations

4.10. Inequalities

Compound Inequalities

5. Patterns Leading to Addition

5.3. Rules for Adding Positive and Negative Numbers

Adding Real Numbers

7. Patterns Leading To Subtraction

7.1. Two Models for Subtraction

Adding and Subtracting Integers

7.3. Solving x-a=b

Modeling One-Step Equations - Activity A

7.6. Angles and Lines

Investigating Angle Theorems - Activity A

7.8. Special Quadrilaterals

Classifying Quadrilaterals - Activity B

7.9. The Triangle-Sum Property

Triangle Angle Sum - Activity B

8. Displays

8.1. Graphs and Other Displays

Stem-and-Leaf Plots

8.3. Coordinate Graphs

Points in the Coordinate Plane - Activity A

8.5. Translations


8.6. Reflections


9. Patterns Leading to Multiplication

9.1. The Area Model for Multiplication

Rectangle: Perimeter, Circumference and Area

9.2. Volumes of Rectangular Solids

Prisms and Cylinders - Activity A

9.3. Multiplication of Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

9.4. Multiplying Probabilities

Compound Independent Events

9.7. Size Changes - Expansions


9.8. Size Changes - Contractions


10. Multiplication and Other Operations

10.1. Multiplication as Shortcut Addition

Addition of Polynomials - Activity B

10.4. Solving ax+b=c

Modeling and Solving Two-Step Equations

10.5. Solving ax+b=c When a is Negative

Solving Two-Step Equations

10.7. The Surface Area of a Box

Surface and Lateral Area of Prisms and Cylinders

10.9. Areas of Triangles

Area of Parallelograms - Activity B

11. Patterns Leading to Division

11.3. Division of Fractions

Dividing Fractions

11.5. The Ratio Comparison Model for Division

Part:Part and Part:Whole Ratios

11.6. Proportions

Estimating Population Size

Beam to Moon (Ratios and Proportions)

11.8. Proportions in Similar Figures

Similar Polygons

11.9. Proportional Thinking

Direct Variation

12. Real Numbers, Area, and Volume

12.2. Square Roots

Square Roots

Ordering and Approximating Square Roots

12.3. The Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem - Activity B

12.5. The Area of a Circle

Circle: Perimeter, Circumference and Area

12.6. Surface Areas of Cylinders and Prisms

Surface and Lateral Area of Prisms and Cylinders

12.7. Volumes of Cylinders and Prisms

Prisms and Cylinders - Activity A

13. Coordinate Graphs and Equations

13.1. Graphing y=ax+b

Linear Functions

13.5. Graphs of Formulas

Using Tables, Rules and Graphs

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