Life Science

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Unit A: Cells and Heredity

1.1. The Cell

Cell Structure

1.2. How Cells Function

Cell Energy Cycle

Photosynthesis - Activity A

Cell Structure

1.3. Cell Division

Cell Division

1.4. Patterns and Heredity

Chicken Genetics

Mouse Genetics (Fur Color)

Mouse Breeding

1.5. DNA and Modern Genetics

Human Karyotyping

DNA Fingerprint Analysis

Building DNA

Unit B: Life Over Time

2.1. History of Life

Rainfall and Bird Beaks

Natural Selection

2.3. Population Dynamics

Food Chain

Rabbit Population by Season

Unit C: Diversity of Living Things

3.1. Viruses and Single-Celled Organisms

Virus Life Cycle (Lytic)

3.3. Plants

Photosynthesis - Activity B

Unit D: Ecology

4.1. Ecosystems and Biomes

Food Chain

4.2. Interactions within Ecosystems

Rabbit Population by Season

Food Chain

4.3. Human Impact on Ecosystems

Water Pollution

Unit E: Human Biology

5.2. Absoption, Digestion, and Exchange

Identifying Nutrients

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