Science - Grade 8

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Unit 1: Earth's Changing Surface

Chapter 1: The Nature of Science and Inquiry

DNA Fingerprint Analysis

Chapter 2:Forces Shaping Earth

Plate Tectonics

Unit 2: Interactions of Matter

Chapter 4: The Periodic Table

Electron Configuration
Element Builder

Chapter 5: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonds

Covalent Bonds
Ionic Bonds

Chapter 6: States of Matter

Intro to Plasma
Phase Changes
Density Lab

Unit 3: Physical Interactions

Chapter 7: Motion and Momentum

Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs
Distance-Time Graphs
2D Collisions
Golf Range!
Roller Coaster Physics

Chapter 8: Force and Newton's Laws

Fan Cart Physics

Chapter 9: Electromagnetic Waves

Herschel Experiment
Ultrasound: How Does it Work?
Intro to E & M

Chapter 10: Thermal Energy

Heat Transfer by Conduction
Energy Conversion in a System
Temperature and Particle Motion

Unit 4:The Universe

Chapter 11: The Solar System

Solar System Explorer
Rotation/Revolution of Venus and Earth

Chapter 12: Stars and Galaxies

H-R Diagram

Unit 5: Reproduction and Genetics

Chapter 13: Cell Reproduction

Cell Division
RNA and Protein Synthesis

Chapter 14: Plant Reproduction

Seed Germination
Pollination: Flower to Fruit

Chapter 16: Heredity

Human Karyotyping
Mouse Genetics (One Trait)

Chapter 17: Adaptations Over Time

Human Evolution - Skull Analysis
Evolution: Natural and Artificial Selection

Unit 6: Interdependence of Life

Chapter 18: Interactions of Living Things

Food Chain
Interdependence of Plants and Animals
Rabbit Population by Season
Water Cycle

Chapter 19: Oceanography

Ocean Mapping

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